Infectious Diseases Department

The Children's Infectious Diseases Department, an integral part of the Sibiu Pediatric Clinical Hospital, operates in an approximately 100-year-old building, formerly a private sanatorium. The location is surrounded by green space whose color, variable with the seasons, delights the eyes of passers-by, not leaving it unnoticed. The department's spaces are completely renovated and modernized, ensuring optimal conditions for hospitalization and treatment, and in 2016 the attic of the building was completed, obtaining 7 new reserves with their own bathroom, television and refrigerator.

Team of doctors

Dr. Pătru Rareş
– head of the Infectious Diseases Department
- primary doctor infectious diseases

Dr. Luca Codruța Mihaela
– primary doctor in pediatrics
– superspecialization in infectious diseases

Dr. Torge Susana Mihaela
– specialist doctor in infectious diseases

Dr Băcilă Nicoleta Daniela
– specialist doctor in pediatrics

Team of nurses

HEAD NURSE Mandea Carmen Mihaela - Asistent medical de pediatrie S PR.COORD
Enacache Maria Adelina- Asistent medical generalist S
Lup Ionela Nicoleta - Asistent medical generalist S
Marcut Ana-Maria Veronica - Asistent medical generalist S
Olaru Cerasela Marinela - Asistent medical generalist S
Trifan Bianca Claudia - Asistent medical generalist S
Zamfiroiu Bianca Adelina - Asistent medical generalist S
Bozan Sorina - Asistent medical generalist PL PR
Dachin Georgeta Maria - Asistent medical generalist PL PR
Dobre Georgiana Marcela - Asistent medical generalist PL PR
Maricut Eugenia - Asistent medical de pediatrie PL PR
Popa Adriana - Asistent medical de pediatrie PL PR
Strautiu Luminita - Asistent medical de pediatrie PL PR
Bericsas Roxana Maria – Asistent medical generalist PL
Calina Mioara - Asistent medical generalist PL
Morait Elena - Asistent medical generalist PL
Nistor Maria Nicoleta - Asistent medical generalist PL
Omelcu Roxana Elena - Asistent medical generalist PL
Seucaliuc Raluca Maria - Asistent medical generalist PL
Staniloiu Elena - Asistent medical generalist PL

Procedures used

within the Department of Infectious Diseases you can benefit from the following procedures:
  • sampling of pathological products (blood, coproculture, urine culture, exudates, CSF);
  • laboratory determinations and radiological investigations;
  • spinal points;
  • infusions.

Hospital activity

    The Infectious Diseases Department operates with 31 beds for Continuous Hospitalization, having approximately 1,600 hospitalizations annually, 2 beds for Day Hospitalization, 5 beds for the HIV/AIDS Department and an ambulatory office.
    Hospital activity includes:
  • Continuous Hospitalization;
  • Day Hospitalization.
  • HIV/AIDS Department.

  • Continuous Hospitalization
    The diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients aged between 0-18 years with infectious pathology are ensured:

Digestive Infectious Diseases:
  • gastro-enterocolitis of viral etiology (Rotavirus, Adenovirus, Norovirus, enteroviruses), or bacterial (Salmonellosis, Shigellosis, Campylobacter, enterocolitis with E. coli)
  • food poisoning
  • clostridium enterocolitis
  • Diseases with integumentary portal of entry:
  • Erysipelas
  • Cellulite
  • Lyme disease
  • Infectious respiratory diseases:
  • Pneumonia
  • Flu
  • acute tonsillitis, sinusitis, otitis, tracheo-bronchitis
  • Infectious-contagious diseases:
  • scarlet fever
  • Chickenpox
  • Measles
  • Rubella
  • Viruses with exanthema Shingles area
  • Viral hepatitis type A
  • Infectious mononucleosis
  • Septicemia
  • Convulsive cough
  • Meningitis, encephalitis
  • Day hospitalization

  • Periodic monitoring and reassessment of patients who were hospitalized to our department with certain infectious conditions: (scarlet fever, hepatitis or liver reactions, acute enterocolitis, hydatidosis)
  • Performing laboratory analyses
  • Treatment and hydro-electrolytic rebalancing in cases of acute dehydration syndrome secondary to gastro-enterocolitis

  • HIV/AIDS compartment

  • Medical assistance in day or continuous hospitalization regime for patients with HIV/AIDS on record;
  • Monitoring of newborns from HIV-positive mothers until their infectious/non-infectious status is established;
  • Issuance of ARV medication, monitors the patient's evolution through periodic, clinical, biological reassessments;
  • Prophylactic exposure treatment and subsequent monitoring of HIV patients;
  • Referral of patients to the Mures Regional HIV/AIDS Surveillance and Control Center for viro-immunological re-evaluations, initiation/change of ARV therapeutic scheme;
  • Psychological counseling for HIV pre-testing, adherence to ARV therapy and avoidance of risky behaviors.
  • Ambulatory activity

      Doctors from the Infectious Diseases Department serve also the ambulatory clinic.
      Triage and hospitalization of patients in the Infectious Diseases Department is carried out.
    • Specialist consultations – history and objective examination
    • Establishing a presumptive diagnosis
    • Recommendation of treatment, paraclinical investigations, other specialist consultations
    • Interpretation of laboratory analysis results
      The following are mandatory for consultations:
    • Schedule at least 24 hours in advance
    • Presentation of the Referral Ticket from the family doctor
    • Copy of birth certificate of the minor patient / ID card

    • Doctors activity schedule:

    Nume si prenumeLuniMartiMiercuriJoiVineriTelefon programari
    Dr. Pătru Rareș Gheorghe
    10:30-12:3010:30-12:3010:30-11:3010:30-12:3010:30-12:300269 - 212372
    Dr. Luca Mihaela Codruța12:30-14:0012:30-14:0008:30-10:3012:30-14:0012:30-14:000269 - 212372
    Dr. Popa Susana Mihaela08:30-10:3008:30-10:0008:30-10:3008:30-10:3008:30-10:000269 - 212372

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