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Concerns about the protection of children in Sibiu have existed since the last century, although the archive has only little evidence which is referring to the period of the First World War.
Around the 1940's, the first pediatric departments with 40 beds was established, affiliated to the Public Hospital, which in 1948 became the first independent Pediatric Hospital with 230 beds, of which 75 were for contagious diseases.
In 1950, 70 more children beds were added to the hospital's surgery department.
In 1951, a pediatric neuro-psychiatric department and a children's Tuberculosis (TB) department were developed.
In 1955, the children's hospital reached 420 beds, the component sections of the hospital being located in different locations in the city.

The hospital lost its identity in 1970, being integrated as a section of the County Hospital. In 1999, it became again, an independent Pediatric Hospital with 185 beds, comprising only pediatrical, surgical, orthopedical and infectious disease pediatric departments.
In 2012, by the Order of the Ministry of Health no. 1085, the hospital is declared an emergency hospital of zonal importance.
In 2013, by the Order of the Ministry of Health no. 453, the hospital is classified in the 2nd M category.
The Hospital is currently being accredited according to ANMCS norms.
In 2020, by the Order of the Ministry of Health no. 623/2020 Sibiu Pediatric Clinical Hospital is nominated as part of the Phase 2 COVID-19 Hospitals

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