Medical analysis laboratory

The medical analysis laboratory offers services to patients hospitalized in all sections of the hospital, to patients from the Ambulatory, as well as to those who come with a referral from family doctors or want tests on request. The medical analysis laboratory of the Sibiu Pediatric Clinical Hospital is RENAR accredited according to ISO 15189:2013.
The staff is specialized in laboratory medicine (4 doctors, 2 chemists, 2 biologists, 9 laboratory assistants) and promotes quality, competence, responsibility, ensuring the confidentiality of the results of medical investigations of patients.

Team of doctors

Dr. Cristea Ștefan Vasile
- Head Doctor of the Medical Analysis (Tests) Laboratory
– primary doctor - laboratory medicine

Dr. Gubernat Laura Virginia
- primary doctor - laboratory medicine
- laboratory quality manager

Dr. Hila Mirela
– primary doctor - laboratory medicine
– deputy head of medical analysis laboratory
– doctor of medical sciences
– health management competence

Dr. Cociu Alina
- specialist doctor - laboratory medicine

Totan Maria
Mioara Totan
– medical chemist specialist in medical biochemistry
– university lecturer - biochemistry
– doctor of medical sciences
– health management competence

Popa Carmen
– principal medical chemist - medical biochemistry
– health management competence

Murgu Marian
- main biologist specialized in medical biochemistry

Văcăruș Elena
– biologist

Team of nurses

HEAD NURSEPirvut Maria - Asistent medicina de laborator.
Muntean Diana Camelia - Asistent medicina de laborator S PR.
Ghib Geanina - Asistent medicina de laborator PL PR
Ghirisan Codruta Ana - Asistent medicina de laborator PL PR
Henning Delia Paraschiva - Asistent medicina de laborator PL PR
Mihai Oana - Asistent medicina de laborator PL PR
Pasoiu Mioara - Asistent medicina de laborator PL PR.
Spaniol Anca Magda - Asistent medicina de laborator PL PR
Toma Loredana Alina - Asistent medicina de laborator PL PR
Popa Maria Simona - Asistent medicina de laborator PL Deb


The following tests can be performed within the Laboratory:

  • General blood biochemistry
  • Specific serum proteins
  • Urine biochemical tests
  • Biochemical tests from puncture fluids: CSF, PLEURAL FLUID, ASCITES FLUID, SYNOVIAL FLUID
  • Tests for lithiasis disease
  • Functional ventilatory tests (spirometry)
  • Biochemical tests from fecal matter
  • Hematological morphophysiology tests
  • Immuno-hematology tests
  • Hemostasis tests
  • Serology for infectious diseases
  • Allergology-immunology tests
  • Tests with 36 allergens (respiratory and food allergens)
  • Tests with 2o allergens (food allergens)
  • Immunological tests from fecal matter
  • Covid-19 serology Ig M/Ig G antibodies - SARS Cov 2
  • Covid-19 test

    In the fields: ENT; ophthalmology; internal respiratory tract; gastrointestinal tract; urogenital tract; mycology; blood and puncture fluids; purulent collections.


The laboratory it is equipped with modern equipment:

  • Hematology: Automatic analyzer: SYSMEX 1000i, SYSMEX 500i, VESMATIC 20
  • Biochemistry: Automatic analyzer: Konelab Prime 30i, Konelab Prime 20i, LabU Reader Plus
  • Immunology: Automatic analyzer: VIDAS PC, ELISA- DS2
  • Microbiology: VITEK 2 automatic system, semi-automatic mini API system, BactAlert

Medical services

The Laboratory offers services:

– patients hospitalized in the Pediatric Clinical Hospital (continuous hospitalization, day hospitalization, ambulatory clinic);
– analyzes by contract with The National Health Insurance House (by appointment) ;
– analyzes for a fee (children and adults)

see here: List of medical laboratory analyses
The results of the analyzes can be viewed online (at the request of the patients, by receiving an access code) (see Patient Portal – rezultate-analize).