of the Pediatric Clinical Hospital from Sibiu

The Pediatric Clinical Hospital operates in 3 different locations, in buildings built between 1904-1924, with a usable area of over 9,000 square meters and has 10 departments.

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Appointments (phone/online)
and consultation information

For phone/online appointments or information regarding the consultation program in our clinic



Here is a list of the guard lines for the Pediatric Clinical Hospital from Sibiu for the current month and next month

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Check-in information
and visiting program

Here you will find useful information for hospitalization and a section with the visiting program

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More information about the anti-COVID vaccine

The help of our community in times of pandemic

Strong and beautiful communities come together and help, especially in tough times. We are lucky to be part of such a community and here you will find information about who is or has been with us when needed.