Pediatric Medical Clinical Research Team

The Center for Research and Telemedicine in Children's Neurological Diseases will allow:
- increasing the quality and level of research, diagnostic and treatment capacity in pediatric neurology;
- decrease in infant mortality and morbidity caused by neurological conditions;
- improving the health of children;
- the promotion of new therapeutic standards in neurological conditions;
– stimulation of innovation in the pharmaceutical productive sector and in the medical sector as well as a contribution of private companies in research;
– increasing the competitiveness of SMEs and pharmaceutical companies that finance medical research programs by introducing and developing new methods of diagnosis and treatment in pediatric neurology;
– interdisciplinary cooperation for research activities in neurology (clinicians, pharmacologists, specialists in neuroradiology, genetics, neurology), but also in complementary transdisciplinary fields – nanotechnologies, artificial intelligence, intelligent user interfaces, IT);
– stimulating the professional training of young researchers and PhD students in fields of national and European interest;
– increasing the quality and diversification of the education process, as well as the modernization of the Sibiu Pediatric Clinical Hospital, in accordance with European trends.

Team of doctors

Dr. Neamţu Mihai Bogdan
– coordinating doctor
– primary pediatrician
– competence in pediatric respiratory medicine
– doctor in medical sciences

Dr. Costea Raluca Maria
– scientific researcher
– specialist in neurology
– competence in EEG
– doctor of medical sciences

Ing. Barbu Andreea
– biotechnological engineer

Maniu Ionela
- statistics officer

Team of nurses


Equipment worth over 100,000 Euros was purchased through the project, such as:

  • 3 Tesla magnetic resonance device;
  • multivalent Röntgen system with flexible architecture to allow fluoroscopic and angiographic explorations;
  • Röntgen machine, fully digital, equipped with a vertigraph for general use, with equipment that allows the examination of pediatric patients;
  • electroencephalograph with 40 channels for performance analysis of spontaneous activity during functional MRI, EEG, MRI examination;
  • color Doppler ultrasound for high-performance investigation in pediatrics, with applications dedicated to the examination of the CNS and cerebral vasculature;
  • performance echocardiograph for volume analysis, 2 D M and doppler for cardiovascular, transthoracic, transesophageal, vascular applications, for pediatric patients;
  • device for genetic studies, genetic sequencer;
  • medical image processing system;
  • integrated telemedicine system and digital library.


within the Sibiu Pediatric Clinical Hospital, children with neurological conditions will benefit from modern and effective diagnostic tests, including:
  • Electroencephalography, both routine and awake, sleep EEG, long-term recordings and video EEG monitoring;
  • Responses evoked by the brainstem, auditory and visual in children with suspected hearing disorders or visual impairments;
  • Electromyography – nerve conduction velocity and electromyography for neuromuscular disorders;
  • Neuroradiology services, including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), MR Spectroscopy (SRM) and f MRI;
  • Performance cardiorespiratory and genetic tests;