Ambulatory – Pediatric Ophthalmology


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Dr. Ionică Ciprian Constantin09:00-14:0014:00-20:0009:00-14:0014:00-20:0013:00-17:000269-21.78.10
Dr. Constantin Laura Roxana14:00-19:0008:00-13:0014:00-19:0008:00-13:0008:00-13:000269-21.78.10

Dr. Constantin Laura Roxana
- ophthalmology primary doctor
- PhD student in ophthalmology

Dr. Ionică Ciprian Constantin
Dr. Ionica
- ophthalmology primary doctor
In the Ophthalmology office, our ophthalmologists detect and treat most ophthalmological conditions in children, from newborns to teenagers.
Vision provides 80% of the information needed for the learning process!
The American Academy of Ophthalmology and Strabismus recommends routine ophthalmologic examination of all children:
- First consultation between 6 months and 1 year
- Second evaluation at the age of 3
- Third ophthalmological assessment before going to school
Our patients benefit from the possibility of computerized measurement using the PLUS-OPTIK portable pediatric refractometer. From a distance of 1 m, diopters, pupillary diameter, interpupillary distance are precisely evaluated.
You should schedule an ophthalmology consultation if:
- the child complains of headaches
- has a white pupil
- an eye escape
- tears excessively or has eye secretions
- he/she complains that he/she can't see well
- avoid visual activities
- has poor results at school