Ambulatory – Clinical Psychology

Office schedule

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Dr. Giurgiu Mircea Andrei 08:00-15:0008:00-15:0008:00-15:0008:00-15:0008:00-15:00
The following types of medical services for children between 0 and 18 years of age are provided in the Ambulatory - Clinical Psychology office in Pompeiu Onofreiu Str.:
1. Psychodiagnosis and clinical evaluation for children aged 0-18 years:
Behavioral assessment
Complex cognitive and neuropsychological assessment
Subjective-emotional assessment
Assessment of other situations involving psychological components specific to child and adolescent psychology
Assessment of psychological development
Other assessments in situations involving complex psychological components, within the limits of competencies
Investigating and evaluating the psychological factors involved in health and illness

2. Intervention, assistance and psychological counseling within the limits of competencies:
Optimization and personal development within the limits of skills
Psychological counseling and sports therapy, within the limits of competencies
Psychological counseling specific to medical goals
Psychological counseling specific to the developmental stages of the child and teenager